It’s true, I am a gear head. I love finding the right gadget. As a stagehand, I had fun playing with all the tools. Whether it was river guiding or rock climbing, I got the gear. The same is true of motherhood. Here are a couple of my favorite finds: 

Mini Containers by Vital Baby: These are great, especially on the Keto Diet with its small portions. The bottom is silicone so they seal tightly, and if you freeze food in them it is easy to pop it out. I will often portion out into these when cooking, then just freeze them so they are ready to go. I mark the food with little blue painters tape and a sharpie on the top so I know what the food is, when I made it, and how many grams/calories it is helps me keep things fresh and in rotation.
Containers by Sistema: These come in a variety of sizes and shapes. I like the small rectangular 400ml/13.5oz size. They fit about a weeks supply of most Keto recipes. The stack and store well and they have a good seal. They are also light weight and do not over whelm the scale when measuring out portions.

  Day Pack Cooler: This is my small day trip cooler. “Buddy” is still mostly liquid diet, and is eating about every two hours. This holds three bottles and keeps him fed, and frees us to move about for about 6 hours. ( I keep an extra bottle in the diaper bag with dry formula pre measured just in case we get stuck somewhere.) Additionally, when he is trying solids, I can stack 4 or 5 Mini containers, 2 bottles and still have room for a bib and meds.

Back pack cooler (Igloo): This is great for weekend get a ways. I can fit a full day’s worth of bottles and several containers of solids in the main pouch. The front and side pouches fit all his meds, bibs, scale and bottle brush. We used this to go on vacation for two weeks. All we needed was an extra bag for the extra cans of formula. It is my traveling organization station.

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