I had a revelation a month ago. I was sitting at home working on this or that when it occurred to me that ‘Buddy’ is Getting things, he is connecting. This means for the first time in his life and therefore our lives as a family, he is going to Get Halloween, Christmas, his Birthday! How exciting is that?!?! He is alert enough to see the changes around him. He is mobile enough to explore those changes. I was electric! How fun is this going to be? Well, with one holiday down it is fun, and it is also not without challenges.

All of these holidays revolve around food. None of which ‘Buddy’ can have. And while he is more aware, and exploring, he is not aware enough to reason. I cannot tell him “that food is will hurt you” and expect him to listen. So I have to be hyper vigilant. It does not mean we will not attend gatherings. It does mean I will need to talk with each host/hostess ahead of time, so they know our challenges and that we may have to leave quickly if it becomes unmanageable. But that is the hard stuff. I want to talk about the fun stuff…Halloween!
We had such a great time.  We went to the Pumpkin Patch and picked out pumpkins.  We carved our pumpkins into jack o' lanterns and ‘Buddy’ got to play with the pumpkin guts for the first time. I kept it short, was ready to block when he tried to put the seeds in his mouth, and had a bowl of soapy water standing by so clean up was quick. It worked great! He loved it!

We went to the park and played in the leaves!

We Trick or Treated for the first time! I kept his costume comfortable, and the plan concise. I wanted to set him up for success, so I built his wheel chair into the costume, dropped toys off at 10 neighbors houses, and got an early start.

It really could have gone either way. He woke at 3:30 am Halloween morning and refused a nap. I was prepared to abort. Luckily it wasn’t necessary. ‘Buddy’ was a champ! We went to all 10 houses, and even stopped and visited with one neighbor who was having a party. When we got home, like every kid in America, ‘Buddy’ was revved up. He didn’t go to sleep until 9! But then we got our Halloween Miracle…he slept 10 Hours STRAIGHT! That never happens! It was just the reward this tired mom needed. Success!

Oh, this is how I made the car. It only took about an hour, plus drying time.

First I set the box next to the chair and free drew the bottom edge and back edge. Then I took a box cutter and cut it out. Then I did the same for the opening on top. From the scraps I cut out a fin for the left side and traced it to cut the fin for the right. I also used a corner edge from the scrap to make a support to hold the back of the car onto the chair. To attach it all together, I used both staples and shoe laces. I just punched four sets of holes and tied the laces through them for the main support and used a stapler for the rest.

I got a can of black and a can of yellow spray paint. (2 black would have been good.) I painted a base coat of black, then hit it with the yellow for the flames and accents. To make the color a little more solid…since I ran out of spray paint…I went over the top with acrylic paint and a brush. Then I set the whole thing over top of the tray which gave it the needed stability. Presto, one super hero car!

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