While learning about interventions, we were shown a couple uses for lightboxes. There was one project in particular that I really wanted to do. It was very simple: Put clear hairgel in a ziplock bag along with some food coloring, close it, place it in another bag, close it, then place it on a lightbox and let the kids squish it around. SO FUN! And clean?!?! I am in! But I needed a lightbox.

I know from experience that anything related to special needs adaptions is going to be expensive, but I was a theater technician and an electrician no less. I knew I could do this on the cheap.

All I needed was a few simple supplies:
1.       Plastic shallow bin $8
2.       Black acrylic paint $2
3.       Scotch Clear Mounting Squares $2.50
4.       Parchment paper or drawing paper
          (use whatever paper ou have around the house)
5.       Light source $10

Total cost: $22.50

Procurement and assembly:
1.       For my bin I went to Storables and got a Scrapbook Case by Iris for $7.95

2.        I already had black acrylic paint, so I used it to paint the inside of the sides of the box. Let dry.

3..       Then I cut down the parchment paper to fit the bottom of the box and used the Post It tabs to hold it in place. (I may try drawing paper to diffuse the light more, we’ll see.)

4.       I have purchased two stick up lights from Amazon, so I can test for best light coverage. I have been told that Christmas Lights work well too, but I would rather battery operated. ‘Buddy’ thinks cords are good teethers.

The first was a set of two LED bar lights. I would like this to word because the LEDs would use less batteries. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007JVJBK8/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

The second is a more diffuse light, so we will see.


In the mean time I am testing is using a small photography light box my husband found at a garage sale. The plan is to use removable double stick tabs to hold the light in place inside the lid, which will now become the bottom of the lightbox.

Update: I decided I liked the LED bars better, but they required an extra sheet of paper over them to help diffuse the light.

5.       Turn on the light, and Wallah! We have a light box for less than $25. And it only took an hour to make even with dry time…not including shopping. Now that I have sourced it all for you, you can do that online and have it come to you.

Have Fun!

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