I am always searching for answers. Sometimes I don’t like the answers I get. Like the time someone told me my child might have cerebral palsy. Turned out he does. I took a step back, absorbed the answer, then began asking more questions. That was how I found out that Cerebral palsy is a far broader diagnosis than the kids you see on the telethon. Basically, any physical impairment cause by brain injury, is cerebral palsy. That means anything from a slight limp, to wheel chair bound and unable to speak. It can affect cognition, or not.

Oh, well I knew that already, just not the name. I find it so interesting the emotional roller coaster that comes along with new terms. No wonder Doctors shy away from using them. My heart races, my head spins, my breathing feels thin, my ears ring. Once I calm down and think it through there is always a simple way to manage the new information.

Lately, I am looking into Brain Plasticity. This one does not have the same effect. I am not afraid as I read, I am excited. The latest science on the brains ability to reroute and repair is a lighthouse in a dark storm.

‘Buddy’ has had so many seizures, and so many of them have been close to a half an hour. His oxygen levels have dropped so many times. I do not need a brain scan to know there was damage. Nor do I need one to know he is working past that damage. Still it is very nice to read stories of scientists who are proving what I instinctually know is happening. I recently read The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge M.D.. In it he walks through a bunch of different scientists’ research and processes as they prove the brain is not machine like as was once thought, but plastic and changing from birth to death.

There are so many amazing stories of recovery. It really is a must read. Stroke victims who gain full recovery, learning disabled children taught to learn, a woman born with a brain injury, Barbara Arrowsmith Young, who self-diagnosed and repaired the damage and now runs a school in Canada!  I took notes all through the margins. I stayed up late reading and researching scientists on the internet. Finding out everything I could about where they were and was ‘Buddy’ a candidate for their program. To that end I found out about a conference in Reinbeck, NY at the Omega Institute called Limitless Mind. It felt crazy, but I knew I had to go. Three of the speakers were mentioned in The Brain That Changes Itself Ms. Young being one of them. I knew I needed to talk to her.

 I go this week. I don’t know what I will find. I know what I hope I will find. I hope I will find a way to chat with these speakers about ‘Buddy’. I hope that I will learn things from them that I can use daily to help him repair the damage that has been done. I hope that I can carry some of his charm with me and make connections for him, with people who will help him. I want to understand how one heals an injured brain. I want to do everything in my power to help ‘Buddy’ heal.

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