Last weekend I went to the other side of the country to learn about the brain. I had a wonderful weekend and learned so much that my head is spinning. I feel like my brain is a library that toddlers have run a muck in. The books are all on the floor. I am hoping to get them sorted and on the shelf in some kind of order so that I may use the information they contain, but it may take time.

Here are a couple key thoughts from my favorite speaker, whom I was happily given an opportunity to meet, Jill Bolte Taylor.

                “Rehab is Reconnection and redirection of cells.”

                “Neuroplasticity is cells rearranging who they communicate with.”

                “We are feeling creatures who think.” If we are threatened our thinking is                 taxed. We have to feel safe to think creatively for problem solving. We
                have to feel safe for learning. There is a 90 flush of cortisol when we are 
                threatened, if we wait for that to pass, we can choose to let the anger go
                and think rationally.

I got a chance to test this just about every hour on the hour from Sunday afternoon, when my plane was supposed to take off, until Monday evening at 9pm when it finally landed at home. I did not expect homework; much less a surprise final, but the universe gave me one. I think I passed…mostly. I do know that I met some very interesting people, during that 30 hour stretch. People I would not have met had I been storming through the airport raging about airline failures. I was mad. Don’t get me wrong. It was very stressful being trapped 3000 miles away from ‘Buddy’ and his father. But I did not let it overwhelm me. I kept my head and made the best of it. I let the cortisol flush through, while I took many deep breaths and found happier things to focus on.

When I got home, ‘Buddy’ dropped his toy and came crawling to me. I felt so completely amazed…until he went right past me to the open door. Oh, well, I guess we all learn in small steps. It was still great to be home.

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