Verklempt. It is such a good word. It means: overwhelmed, flustered, nervous; excited, overjoyed, happy. It is that full feeling in your chest that is so expansive it presses on your tear ducts and catches in your throat so that you have to breathe deep and sigh. Verklempt is full on Joy, to the point of release.

I have been feeling this feeling a lot lately. I am so overwhelmed by the progress that ‘Buddy’ is making. I am so overwhelmed by the experiences I never thought I would get to share with him, that we are now sharing. We are going to walk to the local tree lot and get a Christmas tree tonight. Just thinking about it gets me teary, the smell of the pine, the cool crisp night, the reindeer in the corral that he will actually see!  Holding my husband’s hand and walking through the cold night to pick out just the right tree, ‘Buddy’ sitting forward in his stroller reaching out to touch and probably taste the trees. A year ago, he was unable to sit forward in his stroller. I just think about snow and I get short of breath thinking about the look on his face when he sees it, and ‘gets it’ for the first time.

It is a feeling all parents get, the wonder of seeing the world through a child’s eyes. It is beautiful, magical and life affirming…and we haven’t gotten it for three and a half years, well not much. So to get it not just in normal doses, but accelerated doses after that kind of wait, well, it is overwhelming, and it leaves me…verklempt.

It is a good feeling.

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