Sometimes things just fall into place. When you are used to fighting for every little scrap, it can take you by surprise.

Last Tuesday ‘Buddy’s’ new physical therapist (PT) put him in a Johnny Jumper to help him work his legs and have a little fun bouncing. He loved it. This led to a conversation the same day with his occupational therapist (OT) about trying a walker/gait trainer. I brought it up with his PT on Friday. He said sure, looked around the room and said “What about this one here?”

I was a little stunned. Could it be so easy? No jumping through hoops? No calls to suppliers, or insurance companies? Yes, it could. Tuesday, one week after the first thought was voiced, ‘Buddy’ was fitted into his gait trainer. But it didn’t stop there. He did not fuss. He moved his feet. It wasn’t perfect, but you could see the pieces were there. We made it from the classroom to the therapy room and back again. He was in it for just under an hour, and when he came out, he slept…hard.

My heart raced. My heart continues to race. ‘Buddy’ is three, and 35lbs. The thought of him walking has been my hope, a dream, but I was cautious about it. I was preparing myself in case it did not happen. I still caution myself that our successes are fragile. At the same time, they are successes. ‘Buddy’ is doing great! He is such a fighter. No matter what is thrown his way he just keeps moving forward. He is such an inspiration.

I am a believer in miracles. I have to be. But the miracles I believe in are the ones that we make happen. Through force of belief and efforts to push boundaries we can make the impossible, possible. We did it, bringing ‘Buddy’ into our live. ‘Buddy’ has done it by staying in our lives, and he continues to do it with each new milestone. But what an incredible blessing when pieces of those miracles fall in your lap.

Two years ago, the goal was life. Last year, the goal was to be able to sit on his own. Today, walking! It takes my breath away. What a gift to have people in our lives that see his potential and are so excited to help him reach it. What a gift to have a son who is so strong, determined and happy. I have not always felt lucky on this journey, but I do today. I feel very blessed. All because someone else saw my son and reached out to help make his way a little easier.

5/16/2013 05:01:28 am

Oh, man, way to make me cry. <3


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