It has been a hard month plus. A crap spiral really. Sorry for the language, but it is true. The worst of it was two weeks of seizures every other day (spurred on by ear aches) that lasted 8-15min with rescue meds, and dislocating my knee cap while attempting to administer said rescue meds in a timely manner. This is only important to this story because of how it intensified the depth of my feelings of love and appreciation.

Several weeks ago, after a week of seizures, we were at a BBQ with friends, when someone asked what our plans for the summer were. Due to the seizures I said, our plans were to stay close to home. We planned to get a swing set and make our yard a destination for ‘Buddy’. Little did I know, Cole and Carson were listening. They are children of a dear friend and have loved and supported ‘Buddy’ since the beginning. (They they were little and visiting they would say “Mom, I washed my hands, can I pet ‘Buddy’ now?” I love that.) Well Cole and Carson had a swing set they no longer used. They had been trying to decide what to do with the money once they sold it. After hearing my conversation, they discussed it among themselves and went to their mother to tell her they wanted to give the swing set to ‘Buddy’. I tear up every time I think of it. It is so wonderful for them to give like that, to know that ‘Buddy’ has touched their hearts so deeply.

As an ex stage hand, I have overseen many moves and moving the swing set would be very straight forward…except, I wasn’t sleeping enough to think, ‘Buddy’ was too exhausted to go anywhere, and then I injured my knee and I couldn’t even walk. Enter my buddy Steve. As a diabetic he is tirelessly raising money for Diabetic research. Currently he is renting himself out for donations, and my mother bought two hours of time for me. When he saw my call for help moving the swing set on Facebook, he stepped up and took charge, helping to rally the troops, find a truck and organize the logistics. Friends came out to help, some of whom I hadn’t seen in years.
We met at 11:30, and they had it dismantled in an hour. We loaded it up and after stopping for lunch got it home and set up in just a couple hours…with no extra parts! It was so hard to sit and watch instead of helping, but knowing that the project was in such good hands really helped. The best part was the moment it was done ‘Buddy’ grabbed onto one of the rings and took 3 steps away from me!
I am so excited at all the therapeutic opportunities that this swing set will bring for ‘Buddy’. He is so close to walking on his own, I really think this will help him get there.

A week ago, I was home alone with ‘Buddy’ feeling isolated, me trying to get him to eat, him refusing, and both of us so frustrated. I really felt in that moment like I was the only one trying to keep him alive, ‘Buddy’ included. I actually told him “I can’t eat for you, you gotta help.” Well, today I know we are not alone. I know there is an army of friends and family out there rooting for him, for us, and it means the world. My heart is full to bursting, and I cannot thank any of you enough.
My deepest thanks to the Carson and Cole, Mari, Todd, Steve, Daniel, Christie, Warren, Chuck, Timothy, Kirk, Wolfgang and my husband Steve. You all Rock!
Oh, and if you would like to help my friend Steve raise money to find a cure for Diabetes, you can do so at:

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