I just have to sing the praises of a new product. This is the best Sippy Cup ever! ‘Buddy’ is getting to an age where he really should be drinking for a cup, and people are starting to notice. He gets looks from adults and kids wondering why he is still using a bottle. I know, it is none of their business, but that doesn’t stop the awkward moment when you catch them staring. I have tried sippy cups of all kinds. I have tried straws. I have tried regular cups with some success, but he likes to shake the bottle/cup and that gets messy anywhere but the back yard. And then there is the spinning. ‘Buddy’ loves to spin Everything! You should see the spin art I have found on my floor. Honestly I should take pictures and mount an exposition of his genius works of formula art. This cup fixes all that. I am serious!

With the Wow cup, he can hold it one or two handed, bring it to his mouth, drink, even shake or spin  and no fluid spills. Not true for bottles or other sippy cups. Unless he decides to arc it out of his mouth like a little cherubic Italian fountain, but that is another matter.

Here is how it works…first the entire lid is a valve. No matter where on the rim you put your lips you can suck in and get fluid. The gasket easily pops out for cleaning in the dishwasher. The cup is small enough to fit his little hand.

Besides helping with mess and appearance it is also helping with oral motor skills. According to Occupational Therapists we have worked with, the muscles built up sucking from a bottle are very different from those used in drinking from a cup. I am told that down the line this will help him with eating and speech.  The specifics are a bit beyond my expertise, but I trust fully the folks I was talking to. They are as excited as I am about this cup for more clinical reasons. I truly thank the folks who came up with this cup. I am such a convert I tell every parent and shop I go into about it. They are a little spending at $10, but if everyone starts using them the price will come down…so go get one. J

I promise I have not been paid for this post. I just believe that strongly in recognizing a cool thing when I see it. Happy sipping!

Demo -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Iqc4iL0O84

WOW Cup Website - http://www.wowcup.com/

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